Management of the company has a 15-years experience in effective managing of general contract organization and execution of all structural, sanitary engineering and arranging works with own efforts of the company. As a general contractor "ICC "CENTROBUD" proposes to the Client (Owner) complete support in realization of construction project of different type of complexity from “zero” to transfer of the project into use.

We provide the whole complex of services of planning, organization and managing of all construction and assembly works at the project and are responsible for the process and results of building, cost, terms and quality of construction works execution and also guarantee professionalism at each stage of works. The main goal of the company is to be a steady partner, to provide stability and good quality through professional execution of obligations taken.


The list of services provided by "ICC "CENTROBUD" as a general contractor:

  • Obtaining of permission for works provision, their agreement with necessary authorities;
  • Optimization of projects and technology concept as a result of cost characteristics;
  • Provision with all necessary material and man recourses, equipment and construction machinery for building;
  • Execution of main construction and assembly works by own forth, namely:
    • preparation of a building area;
    • land works;
    • assembly and installation of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions using «PERI» frame, monolithic works using individual frame;
    • stone works;
    • installation of supporting and protective constructions from different types of materials (concrete, metal constructions, brick, glued wooden and others);
    • installation of windows, stained-glass, doors, gates and so on.
    • facades arrangement;
    • roofing (flat, shelving) of different type of complexity;
    • arrangement works;
    • installation and assembly of internal and external networks and starting-up works;
  • Urban landscaping;
  • Choice on tender of sub-contractors for execution of separate types of works;
  • Control over works execution under general contract and sub-contract agreements (control of terms and work quality);
  • Provision of execution of labor safety and environmental protection obligations and fire protection of construction and assembly works at building;
  • Provision of the projects guarding;
  • Transfer of project into use;
  • Execution of warranty obligations.

Today "ICC "CENTROBUD" has recommended itself as a steady partner. Even during the crises the company is dynamically developing and receives new orders for building. For more detailed information, please, contact us by telephone: (044) 207-11-21 (22,23,24)

Our address

“Construction Investment company “CENTROBUD””

03189, Kiev, Uspishna st., 15, Ukraine

38 (044) 207-11-21
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