Modern building process is impossible to imagine without the use of specialized construction equipment.

In the arsenal of available arsenal large fleet of construction equipment and machinery, which contains about 90 units. "ICC "TSENTROBUD "offers a wide selection of modern and high quality construction equipment for rent, namely:

  • tower cranes LIEBHERR;
  • Haulers brands MAZ, KAMAZ, ZIL carrying capacity of 6-20 tons up to 11 cubic meters.;
  • crane KS-4574 based on KAMAZ-53213 payload of 22.5 tonnes, lifting height 21.7 m;
  • crane KS-3577 "Ivanovets" based on MAZ-5337 load capacity of 12 tons, lifting height 13 m;
  • HYNDAI excavator bucket capacity of 1.50 cubic meters. (Caterpillar);
  • excavator EO-4321 "Atek" bucket capacity of 0.85 cubic meters.;
  • EO-3322 excavator bucket capacity of 0.65 cubic meters.;
  • excavator EO-2621 "Belarus" bucket capacity of 0.25 cubic meters. with front loader;
  • bulldozers;
  • loaders;
  • tractors brands RENAULT, MAZ, KAMAZ with tent trailers carrying capacity of 20 tons of 86 cubic meters.;
  • tractors brands MAZ, KAMAZ, ZIL flatbed semitrailer with load capacity of 11.5-20t length 8-13,5 m;
  • flatbed cars of KAMAZ, ZIL, Gazelle carrying capacity 1.5-10 tons
  • et al.

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